Monday, November 21, 2011

Yesterday Eric and I went for a walk to Albion Falls on the Escarpment Rail Trail. I found a website called Hamilton: the Waterfall Capital of the World that lists all the waterfalls in hamilton and how to get to them, which is pretty neat. Do you know how a place defines itself as the capital of something of the world? I feel like a lot of places claim to be the capital of something of the world. Either way, Hamilton has a lot of waterfalls. I like waterfalls, and Eric really really likes waterfalls, as he has a serious love for flowing water of any kind. So we explored. It was nice.

somebody carved our initials for us. so sweet.
any ideas where this mean guy came from? We found him in the mostly-dried-up river bed. Eric deduced that is is a salmon. It was huge, seriously. It's a mystery to us how it got there.

This whole weekend was nice, actually. I find I can't help but have a relaxing weekend, even if the week before has been crazy and the week that's coming promises to be just as crazy. Even if I'm busy, it just feels weekend-y, so I just can't be stressed. I like weekends.

and now it's monday. Three weeks left in this semester and oh-so-many things to get done in those short three weeks. I CAN DO THIS.

(also: it's nice when you're sewing away and your wonderful husband brings you an ice cold tallboy of your favourite beer. that's all)

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