Monday, July 9, 2012

mint-y fresh

Finally happening! We finally gave our collective studio a name and decided to open up our doors and show you what we're up to.  Not only that, we're having a CRAFT FAIR!  After a couple of unsuccessful (free) craft fairs (turns out you need some actual human traffic to have any human customers), a couple of my studio mates and I decided to take matters in our own hands and have our VERY OWN craft fair.  We've invited some of our crafty friends of ours and our studio is going to be set up as a real live craft market.  I'm super excited to sell Hands&Feet goods directly to Hamilton and to start getting the word out here.  This city is totally awesome. and I totally want to be part of it. 

And there's going to be cupcakes.  

THIS friday during art crawl AND all day saturday.  My dear sister-in-law is getting married on friday so I won't be there friday night, but Hands&Feet will be! I'm a little sad to miss it, but I'd be sadder to miss a family wedding, so I shall survive.