Tuesday, November 1, 2011

blog beginnings!

So, I've started a blog. I've been meaning to start one for a while now, so here she goes! The goal is to make this blog somewhere where I can share what's going on in my life, mostly focusing on what I'm working on crafty-wise. A place to share my work might just encourage me to make more work! Yep, this blog is probably mostly selfish-ly for myself, which I think is a-okay.

to begin! Here's a project I've been working on for my Dye+Print 3 class that has taken all semester up until now. It was handed in and critiqued yesterday and it went well (I think!) , so I'm feeling pretty relieved about it. The project was to create 6-8 pieces for fashion using hand embroidery and other embellishing techniques and then photographing them in the way which you see them being used. I really like embroidery. and I now have a new-found love of (amateur) pattern drafting and garment making. also natural dyeing.

I made 7 pieces-two dress/tunics, three shirts, one tank top and a wrap obi belt. Everything that I didn't leave it's natural colour I dyed using natural dyes-sumac, goldenrod, logwood, turmeric, cochineal and cutch. Then I had a photo shoot with my lovely friends Amy and Kira. The pictures didn't turn out perfect as the lighting in my apartment wasn't ideal and I un-wisely chose to shoot them in front of a window, but I used them anyhow and put together this look-book. ch-ch-check it.


  1. your collection was way awesome miss lady
    also, welcome to the blog world...finally! :)

  2. thanks, lady! yours wasn't too shabby either, i must say! you gots mad beading skills