Saturday, December 3, 2011

saturday night craft night.

Here's what my saturday night looks like: canvas, leather, zippers and rivets. For my final project in Dye and Print for this semester I'm making a collection of 5 naturally-dyed canvas bags with leather straps and lots of wonderful gold hardware. So far I've finished the two biggest bags (they are all different) and I can actually say I am really really happy with them. I am really good at picking out all the bad things about the things I make so it's pretty satisfying to look at something I've made and say "heck yeah, that is good." I'll post real pictures (the one above doesn't really show....anything) when I'm done. Maybe when this crazy last two weeks of the semester are over. There will be much rejoicing.

Anyways, see that furry head in the corner of the picture up there? That's Eric sitting across from me and just whipping up a pair of these bad boys. Aren't they awesome?

I think he's the coolest person I know. And he's definitely making a pair for me next.


  1. i think both of you came out of a log cabin from the early 1900's, i love it!
    cant wait to see your bags miss lady :)

  2. whaaaaat. thats a skilled man you've got there.