Tuesday, November 8, 2011

buttonhole books

Yesterday in my dye+print class our teacher did a workshop with us on buttonhole book binding. It was hard to be excited about it at first because spending class time on things that are kind of just for fun/interest sake is hard to do when you have a bajillion projects/papers/assignments due in the same week. However, it's hard not to be happy that you go to a school where you get to do things like this in class time and it's completely normal. Plus it was way more fun than writing a paper.

I had some leftover japanese paper from the paper place (one of the most dangerous stores....) with pretty cranes on it, so I made my buttonhole book with that. Our teacher is an incredibly sweet, patient woman and it ended up being a pretty great way to spend the afternoon.

you can ignore my less-than-perfect buttonhole stitches and just look at the pretty japanese paper.

I'm currently listening to the hair dryer propped up in the bathroom trying to dry out a rather unfortunate wet felting project before it is due in roughly two hours and trying not to eat all the chocolate chip cookies that Eric and I made last night. Since getting married and moving in together, I'm pretty sure our combined sweet tooth has become a much more powerful force. bad news.

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