Thursday, December 22, 2011

silver bells

christmas break! I think the one thing I'm going to miss about being a student the most is not having a luxuriously long break for christmas holidays. I've been spending my week sleeping in, being with friends, eating, watching a hundred episodes of Mad Men (I wish Don Draper was a real person, just so I could punch him in the face....) listening to christmas music and making christmas presents! It is so lovely.

Eric and I have made almost every one of our christmas presents this year, and I can't lie, I am pretty proud of us. I can't say what we made or for whom, because this is the internet and I love surprises!

It's our first christmas together in our own place, and I can't help but be just a little sappy about it. And I don't even care if I'm biased, I think our christmas set-up here is just the cutest thing in the world.

I don't know if you can tell, but I really like patterns. A lot.

oh and look! my first actually-finished-quilt! Baby due dates are a good motivation to finish the final steps on quilts. I made this for our brand new nephew Joshua who was born about two weeks ago. I hope he likes it.

Monday, December 12, 2011

sneak attack.

Day 1 of The Last Week Until Christmas Break. Today I finished my last project for Dye+Print class, photographed it (hurray for good natural lighting today!) and I'm now photoshop-ing the pictures and figuring out my presentation/lookbook. I'm really happy with how this project turned out. I love the fabrics I naturally dyed and I love the bag designs I made. That's just such an exciting feeling, so I wanted to share a wee little sneak peek of the photographs I took of my collection today. When I named this photo I was pretty sure I named it "sneak peek", but when I opened it on here it said "sneak peack". End of the semester brain. So here's one of my bags. It's one of the smallest ones, as it is supposed to be a clutch. HURRAY!
I like making things I'm proud of. Now on the finish the next project that I will hopefully be just as proud of. I'm feeling POSITIVE!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

saturday night craft night.

Here's what my saturday night looks like: canvas, leather, zippers and rivets. For my final project in Dye and Print for this semester I'm making a collection of 5 naturally-dyed canvas bags with leather straps and lots of wonderful gold hardware. So far I've finished the two biggest bags (they are all different) and I can actually say I am really really happy with them. I am really good at picking out all the bad things about the things I make so it's pretty satisfying to look at something I've made and say "heck yeah, that is good." I'll post real pictures (the one above doesn't really show....anything) when I'm done. Maybe when this crazy last two weeks of the semester are over. There will be much rejoicing.

Anyways, see that furry head in the corner of the picture up there? That's Eric sitting across from me and just whipping up a pair of these bad boys. Aren't they awesome?

I think he's the coolest person I know. And he's definitely making a pair for me next.