Thursday, November 17, 2011


today at school one of the art programs at sheridan (I don't know which one, I want to say print-making but I don't think that exists as a program) was having a print sale. I am a sucker for hanging things on walls. always. I bought two prints and I like them a lot.

old photographs + print = lovely. by Anonymous Sheridan Print-Maker. it's a good idea to sign your work, I think.
and who doesn't love a good treehouse picture? I sure do. especially when they're fantastic-ly UN-structurally sound. by L. Savoie ( I cannot read his/her first name.)

thank you, students of sheridan, you make our walls prettier! I think I'd really like to learn more about print-making. In our textiles program, we only learn how to screen print, which I love, but it would be fun to try other types of printing too.

In other news, it snowed today and it was wonderful. I am blogging in order to procrastinate all the homework that I should be doing. This is kind of giving me a sick feeling in my stomach, so here I go, it's homework time.

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