Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I have a difficult time committing to sort of trivial things in life. For example: I have been searching for a perfect sugar bowl (and cream container) for about 5 months. Today in Value Village I found a little ceramic pumpkin-shaped pot painted with delft blue flowers and gold edges. It was pretty fabulous, but it just wasn't PERFECT. And even though it was only 3 dollars and would have been a perfectly good sugar bowl, I just couldn't commit.

It took me way too long time to decide on a day planner for 2012, and I still feel like it's just not quite right.

Objects that I use everyday are just a big deal to me. And it's not like I don't find anything I like, I just always think there might be something better somewhere out there.
I have a serious love for objects. I used to think this was a bad thing, and that it meant that I was some sort of mindless consumerist shopoholic, but I've learned that that isn't the case. Objects are just amazing. The more I learn about making and creating and designing objects the more excited about them I get. Especially practical, useful AND beautiful objects. And when I, with my clumsy hands, can make an object that is practical and beautiful and that someone will love, it just blows my mind. I think I'm in love with craft.

Given my inability to commit to things, I was also on a search to find kitchen canisters to put sugar, baking things, etc. in. We searched in a couple thrift stores but didn't find anything amazing. I found these ones at Ikea (for super on sale!)

I liked the simplicity of them, but it's pretty much programmed in my brain to think of ways of manipulating plain white surfaces. So I got myself some enamel paints from good old Martha Stewart. I have no shame in admitting that Martha Stewart (or the people who work for Martha Stewart) have good taste. It was hard to choose only a few of the plethora of lovely colours of paint that were there.

I've been really loving super simple hand-drawn repeating patterns lately, the kind you doodle in your school notebooks during lectures and that sort of thing. I also really like painterly/drawn things on simple ceramics. So this is what I did:

I think I like them. I like how simple they are, and I also like how it looks like a three year old probably could have drawn them. Paint and brushes are not my forte. But I like simple messy drawing, so I think it works.

Martha says I have to let them cure for 21 days before I can use them. Hopefully the paint stays on. I feel a little skeptical of the whole enamel paint thing, but only because I've never used it before. I just hope it doesn't all chip off!

In other news, school has begun again! It doesn't quite feel like it yet because I've only got class 3 days a week and so far there aren't any looming deadlines. I've got lots of ideas brewing in my brain for my grad project and I'm excited for what I'm going to challenge myself to do this semester. BRING IT.


  1. Agh, Brittni, our brains are essentially the same. We might as well meld into one person. Krittni. Bate. Brate? Britkateni?

  2. Hahaha. My brain is the same as your brains.
    I did the exact same thing with a lovely delft creamer that was only 1 dollar. I carried it all around the store with me and then put it back.

    Those canisters are magnificent.


  3. Kate: I like Krittni. I hope our grad projects aren't the same, that might actually be a problem. I like your brain, anyway.

    Kira: Yep, I carried it around the entire store, put it back, picked it up and carried it some more before I just put it back and left. we are silly. THANKS.