Monday, June 11, 2012


  Eric and I took off on a last minute interior camping trip in Algonquin this past week.  The weather was wonderful, lots of sunshine and just enough rain and thunder to make it interesting.  There's almost nothing better than being in the middle of beautiful, beautiful nowhere with just a canoe, a tent, backpacks and the person you love the most.   My wilderness survival skills are subpar, but thankfully Eric is a naturally born wildman, so I'm learning.  I caught a 20 inch bass (which is quite impressive, I'm told) and had my first taste of freshly caught fish.  Delicious. I also worked up the courage and actually took the hook out of another much smaller fish after I caught it (which involved actually touching it, instead of quickly handing the rod off to Eric)

The trip also included, but was not limited to : moose chasing, rainbows, baby ducks and goslings, beavers, birds, a great deal of paddling, dragonflies, cigars, cooking over an open fire, napping in the sun and swimming in cold, clear lake water.  Oh, Northern Ontario, how I love you.

Being Canadian is the best.  Seriously. 

This photo is not from Algonquin, it's from last weekend camping at Pineries with family.  I just think it's adorable.  Uncle Eric and Charlie. BFF

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