Thursday, April 5, 2012


Yesterday a bunch of the textile ladies and I were talking about what we're all wearing to our gallery opening next week. (We are a studio full of women....). It got me thinking that it would be appropriate and fun to make a dress for myself.
I consider myself to be a pretty good sewer (seamstress?) and I've made a couple items of clothing before, but I'm not the greatest at tailoring things to make them fit, or making very complicated garments.  Usually when I make clothes I go for really easy, loose-fitting things that look fine no matter what you do because you can just slap a belt around it and you're good to go.

I got this fabric a while ago in the sale bin at Fabricland.  I still can't really decide if it's ugly or not.  Sometimes things are right on the edge of being either really awesome or really ugly, and I'm still not sure what side this fabric is on.  I think I'll just decide that it's really awesome.
I got a pdf pattern from BurdaStyle (love that website-I use it all the time for clothing patterns) and made a dress!   In the comments section of the website a couple people were saying that this dress is very "Mad Men-ish".  It makes me laugh that vintage 50's-60's style clothes are now just referred to as "Mad Men-ish".

It's hard to take proper pictures of yourself in clothing, and I feel a little silly posting these pictures on the internet. This is my concentrated face.

there! I made a dress with darts and lining and an invisible zipper and everything! I definitely messed some things up.  I didn't have a long enough zipper, so I have to basically dislocate my shoulder to get it over my shoulders ( shoulder hurts. what does a dislocated shoulder feel like?)  
oh well.  handmade. 

By now you're probably thinking  "wow, what are those awesome things on Brittni's feet?"  I'M GLAD YOU ASKED!  Those are just my wonderful new moccasins made by my wonderful husband!   After watching him make them for his mom and almost all his sisters and some of his brothers,  I finally got a pair of my own.  Aren't they beautiful?  I did the embroidery on them, but everything else is 100% Eric-made.  Want him to make you a pair?  I am conspiring to make him change career paths from engineering to leather-working.   

Now that I've spent my whole day off making a dress instead of doing my homework, I should go get some things done.  Almost graduated! YEAH!

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  1. looks great miss! and i'm going to go ahead and agree with you: that fabric is quite awesome :) oh and cute feets